Manufacturers all around the world investigate how to enhance or disrupt their business models. Further, they develop new ways to connect and acquire customers. These themes have got a lot of attention in business media and forums. One important, and extremely essential theme, has got less attention so far. It’s manufacturing operations and actual value added delivery.

Not a system, but a strategy

We have visited hundreds of manufacturing companies and interviewed their operations’ professionals. Frequently we find a gap when studying companies’ digitization maturity. Digital continuity ends when transferring demand signals to operational value adding execution. However, leading digitized companies are mature and effective also in operations management. They have end-to-end visibility from customer demand to shop floor operations. They have full visibility to product data, production, equipment condition, logistics and quality. Further, they have culture of continuous improvement which is supported by processes, organizational structure, people and IT systems.

As a first response to immaturity in operational digitization, we often hear that one should invest in a new IT system. However, manufacturing operations management needs a manufacturing strategy which supports business strategy. Processes, structure, people and IT need to support manufacturing strategy. This is not an easy job! Developing and executing manufacturing strategy is a journey which requires persistence and resources.

Juha BurtsoffForerunners show the way

We have seen that digitization and robotization are drivers which enable companies to create more operational added value near to their markets.

Machine builders have built networked manufacturing ecosystems which beat the old in-house empires. Car manufacturers serve customer with a speed and product variety never seen before. Western food companies export production to low cost markets such as China and Russia. Forerunners do this already!

Only way to reach the world class operational maturity, is to share and learn from others!

MPD 2017 is a perfect chance to get new insight and confidence to drive your digitization initiatives forward. On behalf of Roima Intelligence I invite you to invest your time and join MPD 2017, where you will connect and share visions with leading manufacturing influencers and professionals.

Juha Burtsoff

Sales Director
Roima Intelligence